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Necklace Length

I round necklace lengths up or down to the nearest 1/4 inch. Please note that I can adjust necklace lengths slightly on many of the necklaces and I will make an adjustment especially for you if the necklace allows. So, if you’d like to talk to me about this, please check the “Length Adjustment” box on the checkout page. I will connect with you so that I understand what you’d like and to let you know whether it is possible. If I can make the adjustment, I will do it at no charge to you.


How Your Necklace Is Strung

Unless otherwise described, I string all necklaces on wire specifically designed for stringing necklaces. The wire is made of stainless steel coated with plastic. It is very durable and it does not stretch. If you hold a necklace vertically, you will notice a little length of wire between the last bead and the clasp. Do not worry; this is intentional. This extra length of wire allows your necklace to bend comfortably. In some instances, the extra length will be quite noticeable (when the beads are large, for example) and in some instances the extra length will be barely noticeable (when the beads are separated by rubber, for example).  In either case, when the necklace forms a circle around your neck the extra length will disappear.


Bracelets on Memory Wire

Memory wire is carbon steel. The kind I use is plated with silver. It is rigid and returns to its shape after you put it on and after you take it off. To put it on you must stretch slightly but gently and then wrap it around your wrist. You must also stretch it slightly but gently when you take it off. It's a bit of a fiddle. If you don't like fiddling you may wish to consider another item.



As you can see, I love colour as much as I love black! I have made every effort to ensure that the colours you see are true. Since computer monitors and settings vary, we cannot guarantee that what you see is completely accurate.



I love beads and I love design that is simple and elegant. To make my pieces unique I look for material around the world and I often use material from multiple countries together!



I have described the beads as they were described to me when I bought them, or as tested by a gemologist when I was able to have them tested. 


Please note that the stated bead measurements are approximate and bead sizes may vary slightly. Colours may also vary slightly and the beads may show markings. This is all part of the beauty of a handmade piece.



Please remember that metal tarnishes over time. If you want to keep metal shiny you will have to clean it once in a while. Storing your piece in an airtight plastic bag will help to prevent tarnishing. Some people like metal when it tarnishes, and that's perfectly ok!


Clean silver with a soft polishing cloth made for cleaning silver. Clean copper with a soft cloth and a cleaner made for copper.  Clean brass with a soft cloth and a cleaner made for brass.

Thank you

Thank you for viewing the jewellery. If you choose to purchase, we hope you love your pieces and wear them with joy! ­­­­­­­

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