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Jewellery is a Work of Art

Jewellery is a little work of art meant to give you pleasure and enhance your beauty. It's about you. Loving the piece is the most important thing. Just looking at it should make you smile. Wearing it should bring out your beauty, whether it's the colour of your eyes, the brilliance of your smile, the charm of your dimples, or the beauty of your hair. To bring out your best features, the length of the necklace, and the size, shape and colour of the beads has to be right for you. 


Do You Need to Know More?

Some people have this figured out! You might be that very lucky person! You see a piece, you fall in love and you know the piece has all the right elements and is meant for you. Sometimes the piece brings a smile to your face - you might even be in love -  but you're not sure the piece will work and you want to talk about it. If that's the case, please feel free to BOOK A 30 MINUTE CONSULTATION WITH SARI.

Would You Like to See More?

you might be happy to know that I make new things often and I don't always manage to put them up on the site. I'll be happy to show them to you if you BOOK A 30 MINUTE CONSULTATION WITH SARI.

During the virtual consultation I will ask you to show me some of necklaces and earrings you already own, either mine or other designers. We'll see what you love, what you're comfortable with and what you're not sure about. I'll give you my design advice about colour, length, shape and size and we'll see where that takes you! 

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